A new season of basic square dance lessons with the Boots & Laces

start in October at the Meridian Grange in Kent.

Couples, Singles, Families are Welcome

no experience necessary — come in comfortable clothes & shoes. 

The first two weeks are free & open to new dancers.

Experienced dancers, AKA angels, will be available to be partners & assist students.

If the last time you tried Square Dancing you were a kid, don’t you think it’s time to give it a whirl again?

Not just for kids anymore!

Come see what it’s all about.

Things I Bet You Don't Know About Square Dancing

Who square dances?

All sorts of people. Singles, college students, teenagers, senior citizens, and everyone in between. There are thousands of square dance clubs in the US, Canada, and throughout the world.

Don't square dancers dress funny?

Absolutely. We usually wear jeans and western shirts, or full skirts and lots of petticoats. The dress is based on the traditions of the dance, but has been updated over the years. But don't feel you have to get a new wardrobe, new dancers are urged to just "dress comfortably".

Do I have to listen to country music all the time?

Yep. Such country greats as Aretha Franklin and the Beatles! We dance to a wide variety of music, from country, to traditional folk, to show tunes, to 60's rock and roll, to disco. I'll bet you never knew people square dance to "Pink Cadillac", did you?

Isn't square dancing just for old people?

Yes. Very young people do not square dance; you have to at least be able to walk.

I don't have a partner. Is that a problem?

No, many square dance clubs have single members; but, there is a shortage of men on the dance floor, so a partner cannot always be guaranteed. If you do have a partner, bring him or her along!

Is square dancing good exercise?

This is a common misconception. To keep it from being too healthful, we take breaks, socialize, and eat goodies. In spite of this, you should wear what you would wear for some vigorous walking; comfortable shoes or boots are a must. Square dancing is not the best way to break in a new pair of boots.

What if I don't like it?

We're "so sure" you'll have a good time, we offer this special double your money­back guarantee: if you don't enjoy yourself, we'll refund twice what you paid for the first two weeks.

Benefits of Square Dancing

There are many benefits to square dancing. 

Here are the top 10:

1.    It's easy. This is a great benefit to beginners. Square dancing is MUCH easier than line-dancing or prescribed dance routines, because a caller and other dancers help you through the steps. The steps are simple, and you will quickly catch on. Lessons are fun and "angels" help you learn all the calls.

2.    Movement is great for your body. While it's not strenuous it provides some cardio strength building. Dancers can get the equivalent of a 5 mile walk in a 2 hour dance! The music and the fun can make you forget you are getting a workout, but your blood is pumping, your limbs are moving and your lungs are getting fresh air pushed throughout your body.

3.    It's addicting, which means you'll be back again and again to reap it's benefits. Exercise is not much of a benefit if you don't do it! Square dancing, however, has great appeal and a social connection, so it is common for dancers to make it a weekly, bi-weekly or even daily activity.

4.    It’s different than dancing on your own. People who are embarrassed by free-style dancing often find the steps much more comfortable. The men do not need to be concerned about what 'steps' they are going to lead their partner thru. This provides a lot of benefits. It reduces the stress people sometimes feel socially or at activities, and it encourages full movement participation. Many times a woman nags her man to take lessons only to have the man become so addicted that he wants to dance daily!

5.    Square Dancing is social! It crosses all age groups. It is a blast to hang out with friends and families in this way. Also, it's an easy way to meet new people without the pressure of thinking of things to talk about to break the ice. There are clubs that cater to singles as well as couples. 

6.    It’s mental! The steps require you to use both sides of your brain, and what is called "cross-lateral" movements, which are movements that cross from one side of your body to the other. These are great exercises for your brain, memory and coordination, which are all important as we develop as children and as we age as adults.

7.    It reduces stress. Stress is the number one health issue, and it is related to disease and disorders of all kinds. The combination of all of the above-listed benefits make square dancing an excellent solution to the need for stress-reduction.

8.    No age limits or ability requirements are a great benefit. There are no barriers from making square dancing a lifelong hobby.

9.    Take it with you! Square dancing is the same all over the world! Many dancers travel to dances out-of-town, out-of-state and out-of-country. There are cruises and traveling events geared to square dancers! 

10.    It’s here! Local clubs in your area are waiting for you to join them! What are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!

Want some visual review of the calls you learned? Check out these websites.

Taminations - there are also links to their free smart phone & tablet apps

Video Square Dance Lessons online

2017-2018 Class

2016-2017 Class Graduation

first student-level dance for 2017-2018 class on December 1, 2017